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After working in the label print industry servicing retail suppliers for the fresh food sector for all my career, I had a revelation…

About Us

I had worked for some of the largest print and packaging companies in the UK, learning invaluable lessons about the industry. My journey started as a trainee platemaker / printer then to production planning and purchasing. I was eventually let loose on customers and my knowledge expanded from the technical aspects of printing to the demands of working with suppliers in the fresh food sector.

As my career progressed in sales, I learnt the importance of customer relations built on reliability, honesty and trust. However these important elements where not always adopted by some of the businesses I had worked. When I started hearing that from my customers there was one thing I could do…stop moaning about it and try to do it better.

Well not entirely. I had the plan, the vision but no money, BRC or an expensive thing called a press! Fortunately my path crossed with my business partner Nigel Tollman who was already operating a successful carton printing facility with BRC, staff, trading history, a similar vision and the hunger to succeed. However, still no press that could manufacture labels. So after a Dragon’s Den style meeting, finance was applied for, necks put on the line and Promo Labels was born.

This arranged marriage wasn’t easy, my now business partner had another business to run, my first oversight; the second was the phones didn’t ring. Now from the heady days of plush glass retailer head offices, I now found my brogues inch deep in fertile soils meeting the UK growers of fruit and veg. How the mighty had fallen! Except it didn’t feel like that. It was humbling and informative and allowed me to adapt our business model to really suit the people who dealt with labels day to day. We became flexible, uncomplicated and hopefully easy to deal with.

So my shoes are now clean, I don’t print during the night and sell during the day. We have more presses, a great committed team and together we are determined to move our business forward and become the printer of our customer’s choice.

Hopefully you will join the journey.

James Denny, Founder and director
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